Due to the economical situations we find ourselves in today, it has become more challenging and difficult to find and establish employment. This is especially true among people with disabilities who do not have much labor experience and face other barriers such as medical conditions, transportation issues, lack of soft skills, and an overall negative perception of their role in the labor force. In order to address this situation, Victory for Youth has developed and put in a place an employment program designed to promote employment for people with disabilities and reach supporters nationwide.

Victory for Youth, as any other organization, needs employees in different work areas allowing us to contract people with disabilities to work with us within our organization in different jobs but particularly in all the jobs related the sale of promotional products and printing services, thus providing them the training and all the necessary requirements to successfully accomplish their employment goals.

Individuals are trained in the necessary skills needed to offer local businesses with printing services for items such as flyers, business cards, letter heads, etc. as well as promotional products such as signs, custom pens, hats, clothing, bags, etc. With every order that is placed, you are supporting the employment program for the special needs population. This program teaches individuals to be self-sufficient and establish employment allowing them to achieve their carreer goals. All businesses who purchase services will be directly contributing to Victory for Youth and the advancement of individuals with disabilities in the labor force.